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Through extensive experience across a broad range of industries, we are proving the value of our “no problems, only solutions” mantra. And as the demand for innovative solutions and partnerships continues to grow, our unique capabilities and passion to deliver are proving L.I. Malabanan as a key project collaborator for developments of any scale. When planning your next development, you can rely on L.I. Malabanan Excavation and Plumbing Services to deliver innovative solutions, on time, on budget and above all expectations.

Siphoning Services

Siphoning of sludge and waste water from the septic tanks, pools, drainages, grease traps, catch basins, etc.

Septic Tank Cleanup

Manual removal of garbage, wood forms, mud, grease and other solid waste materials inside the septic tanks and chipping of the walls to make it good as new.

General Declogging

Declogging and general cleaning of the main sanitary pipeline from the comfort room going to the septic tank.

All-Around Plumbing

Declogging and general cleaning of floor drains, toilet bowls, drainages, urinals, lavatory, kitchen sinks, grease traps, etc.

Sanitary Pipelines

Installation / Re-Piping of new sanitary pipelines.


We also offer construction of new septic tank.

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